Sunday, November 4, 2012

Flower in the Secret Garden

The new part of Me...

Have you heard that annoying song, "Call me Maybe"? It's growing into me! 
The thing is, 
I met this guy a few days ago, and IT IS CRAZY! 
But I like him so much, that if I could fall in love again, would be a miracle!
I don't know if you understand me, but I truly like him.
He's into the same stuff I am!
The other half 
This sounds like another fairytale, and you might thing, 'well maybe she found love again'.
Gotta break it to you all...sad but true...
He's taken...
But what mostly makes me happy is that I love this feeling of happiness and excitement. 
Even though, I know is not going to work out, I deeply hope I feel the same with the right person. 
In the meantime, I won't do anything to danger his relationship in any way, and will stop talking to him. I'm way better than that!
Although I truly hope he knows, but it's too late already. But it's okay. Friendship is more than enough.

Soon...the pain would disappear completely...

Time was my foe, but now it's my best friend! 
Now I know what I want, I know how to get it, and I know love will be in the map...later though. 
For now, I am happy, very HAPPY! 

Sunday, June 10, 2012

When Anger meats Patience...
A story that never ends.
Hi people,

So I read this article about Facebook and how the it can actually make you addicted to it or also, depressed. 
I thought to my self : "Wait, why would it be that dramatic?"
Well turns out, I experience the feeling and it was not a good thing. Therefore, I decided to shut it down for a while....
There is so many reasons why I should and I shouldn't.
I rather go with the good stuff. 
A young lady as me, single, with so many things ahead and soooooooo
many friends who seems like they are getting what I've been wishing for years.
Bad people, right? It's all their fault! 
I mean, I worked alot for what  I have (I do wish more though),
and they just get it as it was the fresh air. 
Not cool Facebook! NOT COOL! 
I mean, why would I wanna know that my lab partner is already with 4 kids and an awesome job at 21?? (I'm a little dramatic I know, but still)
Or, why would I want to see my friend from high school travelling all around England? 
Or! Or why would I wanna know that my co-worker is again at Olive Garden eating Lasagna at 7:30pm? 
(I know, I;m going I?

Am I so pathetic that I have no excitement in my life that I want to know the gossip on
the  "Social Network"?
False!  I refused to be pathetic! In fact, I like to be well communicated hahaha
Not really. But  truly, I gotta change my mind and set it up for good things. 
That's why I'm not really shutting it down...yet
Here is where my anger meets my patience. 
Maybe I'm not ready for all those good things, but I know I not a bad person.
I know blessing can me delay due to my delay on my own work. 
There are so many things that I 'll have in my life.
I'm not quite ready for them. 
Praying about it will help.
I heard this saying so many times for the past 2 years:
"Patience is a virtue"
You might share the same feeling, but I can promise you, it will come up as it should.
Life is full of surprises, and we can always hope for the best, and prepare for the worst. 
So, in conclusion,
If you see people getting married, graduating, travelling around, getting the best/cooler job ever,
or people having children every 5 seconds, remember this:
Being patience means being Awesome!

Enjoy this time of your life because (I think you'll agree with this), there aren't so many second-chances in life.

be happy for everyone else, because I'm pretty sure, they'll be happy for you as well. 
With love and respect, 

The Queen of Snow.

"Your thoughts are the architects of your destiny"
David O. McKay

Sunday, March 11, 2012

It's been a long time....

Apologies! Please forgive me for the lack of care on my blogging :( Things are getting better now and I can picture good new things! I will start a new blog dedicated for teenagers and young single adult women who are interested in modesty, fashion and beauty. If you have any ideas please let me know! I would love to hear them. Oh by the way...IT WILL BE IN SPANISH! I think this is a great opportunity to share some awesome tips, advice in another language. I can't to get started. I will keep you posted. Looking forward to hear from you. Gracias!

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Taken Brakes is awesome!

I missed you!!
Blogging is awesome, but I just needed some time to over think some stuff, plusssss I was busy most of the month of septembet!
Quick review!
My bday on Sept 11!!
Awesome decorations at work that my lovely coworkers and friend put up!
My boss got me flowers... (to be honest, she's the only one who gets me flowers! Do i need a bf/hubby? Nah! gotta love her!)
Sept 18, I'm a auntie AGAIN! My niece Valeria Lea was born after sooo many hours of labor.
Due to the close up at the birth of Lea, No kids for me in the next years... Hahaha
then since I joined a Folklore group, i'm busy after work hours, which means AWESOMENESS!
Work is okay, meeting new people makes me happy and uncomfortable in a weird way.
Oh! and last highlight of the whole month....Stake Conference!
*And i dyed my hair!

I'm happy to be back!

Monday, September 5, 2011


Do you believe in fairies?!
What do I mean with that?? Hmm let's see. I'm a movie addict (tried to quit but I gotta have it in my blood or I will be long gone!), and can't stop buying/watching movies. I think you can blame it on my college teacher a few semesters ago. He actually taught me to have a different but amazing perspective. It was an eye-opening experience that not only made me fall in love with movies, but also, to actually respect the work and most importantly, the amazing writers.

Now, I bet most of you have seen, STOP! I know ALL of you've seen "Titanic", wich is aswesome movie. But I gotta share my favorite of all time. Well, I will be listing my top 5 movies.


Cinco (5)............"Twilight"  
I know, wth?? LOL, but I really love the whole movie. DO NOT DARE TO JUDGE ME LOL
First of all, the story is amazing and the writer Stephenie Meyer, really put her actual dream on paper. Some of us can't even remember them not even a little of bit (yeah that's me). Now the cast, that's different, I would have picked other people, but what is done is done. Back to the movie. I gotta say the director was amazing. Catherine Hardwicke, has a vintage but sort of dark view about this movie. I loved the colors and the amazing camera man were actually taking you to the set. I read a few critics from and I liked this comment by Rob Gonsalves (@
"Twilight is mostly elegantly put together, though anything having to do with the pack of bad vampires is disastrous..."
Cuatro (4)........."Wedding Crashers"
Talk about funny dudes with an insane habit of crashing more than weddings. Is not a romantic movie actually a flick. I had a test about this movie in college. I failed it, but i got a make up test the following week, which I passed! Anyways, This movie is more colorful and less formal. Now, here the cast is incredible. I wouldn't dare to switch them at all. Vince Vaughn and Own Wilson have a chemistry that you don't see that often with comedian actors. The screenplay is hilarious. I just love Mr. Vaughn not stop talking. Gotta confessed, I had no idea what he was talking about (that's probably I felt that test? HAHA) but after watching it a second time it hit me. Awesome cast, awesome story, awesome movie.

Tres (3).................."Pride and Prejudice"
Jane Austen is the best writer ever. She writes what she dreamed about and never had. Her life was a little plain, but her stories made books made movies, gave her what she most wanted: a love story
I'm in love of English movies and dances. Their costume clothing is my favorite thing from this movie. Their costume designer Jacqueline Durran made it all into a modern but classic look. And who is not going to fall in love with Mr. Darcy? 
Dos (2)....................."Titanic"
i remember when I was in 9th grade, my English teacher asked us to make a presentation of anything we wanted to share to the class. I think I had already seen this movie, but i wasn't so into it. Nah I'm not going to lie! Leonardo Dicaprio was a hot bun! Anyway, I did my research and I actually had pictures and interviews (with people that back then heard...not the actual survivors nor investigators...I was young!). I fell in love not only with the movie, but with the whole history behind it. Watching it again and again (per my sister's request, get a life! haha joking), I saw it in so many different ways. But my thirst for the real ship and the dramatic accident did not sank right then and there. I'm actually still researching and keeping myself posted with every new. I just loved it so much.

Uno! (1).................. "Peter Pan "
Oh my childhood...who wouldn't want to be a kid all over again. I mean I didn't the best childhood ever, but i did enjoyed it the most I could. This movie is sooo touching. I saw the cartoon movie but I loved the one with the real cast. I love the kids, and the whole "I do believe in Fairies!" song. I guess I still have my little girl inside of me. This movie reminds me of my dreams as a kiddo and how far I've had come and how many I accomplished. I would loved to have stayed a girl but I had to grow up in order for me to be better in anything and everything I decided to do/be. My favorite movie ever! 

Hope you guys enjoyed and had fun with my missed spellings. 
Hopefully you get to see all these movies and see my point of view. 

Thursday, September 1, 2011

i hate to be "in the box" I'm making my own circle!!

Okay, so long people!
On my previous post, I mentioned about my English indie music...
I love Indie so much!! I was a big fan or the pop/rock bands but not anymore..
I'm stepping out of the box! 
First of all, I think you need to hear my critics about this fabulous bands.
My "I can't stop listening" band...
Foster The People!
Love the sound, the amazing lyrics and the rhythm
Obviously my favorite song is "Pumped up Kicks" and seems like really depressing song. The message talks about guns, but the meaning is deeper. Somehow we felt crazy about leaving the planet. but we overcome that feeling with an shot of happiness in our lives.
I got to say, this California band is tasty and can't stop moving around with their songs. Yeah I look crazy!
The lead singer has an amazing and sexy voice; although he sings on back-in-the-day microphone.
Mumford and Sons is my "country instruments and crappy feelings" band.
My reasons are to follow....
No one loves these country instruments with painful feelings than me! 
I gotta say, I read a review about this song in Wikipedia, and Marcus Mumford (vocalist) said pretty interesting stuff about it. He mentioned to him is really had to describe lyrics for any song, 
specially for Little Lion Man (my fave also).
I figured his advised is to follow your instinct and interpreted yourself. 
Now let's talk meat.
Yeah that's right "M.Y. M.E.A.T."
Fortunately I ran to Target and bought The Script's latest album.
Which meant, more singing in the car with heart out LOL. 
My fave from them is "Breakeven". Is so touching because it gets under my skin. 
We all had been through an awful or not expected break up. 
Love England and its amazing indie bands! 
And hot lead singer too!!

Now....My favorite SINGLE LADIES:

Adele makes me brave enough to overcome everything and anything. 
Again, thanks U.K. for your voices!
I have to say I have several favorite songs from her. 
"Chasing Pavements" and "Someone Like You"
are the best. I just love how she executes her feelings so perfectly that makes 
you think, how much we all have in common and that somehow, 
we all are going to be okay.
I just love her. 
I'm feeling a little patriotic with my next fave! 
Born in Mexico (like me!) and completely out of the box...
miss Ximena Sarinana
I saw this young girl in soap operas down in Mexico. She played the bad/mean girl and
at some point i hate her guts. 
Now that she's all grown up and with an amazing talent I never saw before, 
makes me so proud of her heritage and backround. 
Her latest is an up-bit sound that makes you happy instantly. 
"Different" is just the way she sings it. She's definitely different!

Hope you like my fave singer/bands and please listen to their music!
Keep music alive!